How to find the best babysitter services in Mumbai?


How to find the best babysitter services in Mumbai?

Need someone to look after your child while you and your partner are away at work or some other emergency situation. Staffurs have you covered. Our platform has thousands of candidates, who are well trained and recommended for their best baby sitter services in the city. They will not a leave a single stone unturned to take into account the importance of ensuring maximum care as well as security of your child while you are away from them.

The candidates on our portal are professional, well trained and good mannered. All the candidates are 100% Aadhar verified. We also provide other verification on demand like National Identity verification, criminal verification, and referral check at a small fees. Your child’s health and well being will be their top most priority. We know the importance the formative years have on child’s future. Our staffs have the experience to understand this and will look after the child keeping that in mind.

If you are a new parent, or a parent of a toddler a babysitter is someone who can make your life easy. Are you worried about where to find a good one for you kid? Log on to and you will find so many babysitter profiles in your area. You can pay a nominal fees on the portal and get their details, interview them on telephone, one on one etc as you like. Stop worrying about the hiring hassle, we have got you covered. A happy parent will have a happy kid. Give the best time to your kid and we take care of your hassle through our babysitter services.

You can also hire a maid for baby care from staffurs, while you are away at work. Whether you are seeking a part-time home maid or a full-time babysitter for your child, you will find all kind of professional candidates who are highly skilled as well as trained properly to deliver the right services. You can trust the maids that we have on board, they are reliable as well as the efficient and most importantly they are verified. We can provide you certain details about their background so that you can fully trust us and our employee. Our business model is designed in such a way that you can decide your terms of trade with the selected candidate.


How much does a nanny cost in Mumbai?
The cost of nanny will depend upon the type of service you are looking for and Amount of time, age of kid, total number of kids, work timings etc. However, depending on your requirement you should be able to find a Nanny from Rs 8000- Rs 30000+. At Staffurs we give our customer 100% flexibility to decide work terms with the candidates. We don’t charge agency fees.  We have a very nominal portal fee.


How can I find a nanny in Mumbai?
If you are looking for a nanny in Mumbai, then contact us at